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Discover everything you need to help choose the right Support Coordinator, set expectations, resolve conflict, access the NDIS and how to make the most of your NDIS funding…

Tools and Resources

For NDIS Participants, their family and friends

Access accurate and up-to-date information to lead you towards creating a good and happy life with all the support you need.

There are a lot of organisations providing similar information and resources, but often the information provided is very expensive, poorly researched, inaccurate or out of date.

Our subscription service package for NDIS Participants contains relevant information that is constantly refined, updated and added to as more information becomes available. We do all of the hard work for you!

What’s Included?

Subscribe to our educational tools and resources and discover how to;

  • How to choose a Support Co-Ordinator
  • Key Qualities in a Support Co-ordinator
  • The role of a Support Co-ordinator
  • Expectations of a Support Co-Ordinator
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Levels of Support Co-ordination
  • How to access the NDIS
  • Capacity Building Strategies – participant information sheet
  • Reasonable and necessary supports – info sheet
  • How to be innovative with your NDIS funding
  • The difference between Support Co-ordinators and Psychosocial Recovery Coaches

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Meet Melissa

As a person living with a disability for all of my life, I have many first-hand experiences of being taken advantage of or receiving incorrect information. Sadly I am not alone in this. The countless horror stories I have heard have given me a compelling reason to create a series of online resources so that anyone with a disability (regardless of type or severity) can access reliable and accurate information and tools to advocate for themselves. Knowledge is power, and the right information matters.

I didn’t start this business to make money. I receive a disability pension, so I don’t need to build a profitable business. For me, this is just about finding my purpose and providing a positive contribution to my community. I operate a ‘break-even’ business model to provide vital information for my community and I ask nothing more than to cover the cost of creating and distributing this information to the thousands of people Australia-wide that need access to the right information to make informed choices for themselves and live a happy life.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


Thanks Mel, after my Dad’s aneurism I had no knowledge of how to cope, and the nurses and doctors at the hospital were only looking out for him. I felt completely unsupported and had no idea where to start. Your information gave me hope and direction and something positive to focus on. Thank you so much for your incredible commitment to help people like me cope with such unexpected and tragic circumstances.

Janice H


Dear Melissa. You are an angel. So many people I have worked with just didn’t get it. They have no real lived experience and can’t always understand exactly what it’s like for us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to put all your years of experience and research into one place so I can find and request exactly what I need from my support co-ordinators.

Pete G

“Game Changer!”

Hey Mel. Your work is fantastic. I was pretty happy doing things the way I have always done them, but having your templates and resources has been a real game changer for me and my clients. I am now so much more organised and efficient and am now starting to get heaps of referrals because my clients are happy with the new way we work together.

Mahalia S

Knowledge is power!

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